randonnée normandie calvados

Hello everyone, today we explore the Normandy in another way… These 3 feet walks will allow you to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Normans. So we offer a selection of 3 hikes:

The Norman Switzerland offers rolling hills and groves. This walk starts at cliff and you take up bridge of London through the valleys of the Orne and the Baize. You also have the opportunity to make the descent of the Orne River in a Kayak from Clecy or bridge of London. circuits-canoe-clecy  

Through the bocage Normand and the Souleuvre, admire the wonderful views of the Valley. For the bravest indulge in one of the highest in the world bungee jumping!

BEUVRON-en-Auge was classified among the most beautiful villages of France, you can admire the riches of this place thanks to this ride. It is a typical village of Normandy with its half-timbered houses and its halls. The boardwalk allows the passage from a stud farm and a panoramic view of the Norman bocage. Admire so Stud, fields of trees and buildings typical of the Pays d'Auge! Good walks! A very fast, Sandrine Hauchecorne Villa of roses – guest rooms at Cricqueboeuf – Gîtes de France 3 ears

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